Friday, 25 November 2011

Welcome to SC Gothic

Welcome to Sporting Club Gothic; a better class of sporting club altogether. It might be a short ride or a long journey into the future, but we hope you enjoy the trip. Whether you are a fair weather cyclist, a die hard mountain biker or grimpeur you're all welcome.
First things first. The Concept. I've been a member of a number of bike clubs in the past and enjoyed my spell at each. However while sitting over a slowly frying pan of bangers and beans in the outback in high summer near Whitby, we were bitten with the SC Gothic bug. I'm not a goth. Neither are my friends so the only explanation is that we were chosen; chosen to mount up on our sturdy steeds on two wheels, don our battle armour (most likely coolmax cycling jerseys and lycra shorts with the eye catching design) and take to the highways and byways.
This blog will be the vehicle of communication and hopefully we'll soon have all those trappings of the modern age such as reports and updates, a link to facebook and other such devices to make sure our club members and those less fortunate know what's happening in the temple of SC Gothic.
...What nonsense! but it sounded good for a bit..

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