Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Any one for a time trial?

Time trialling is an accessible way to test your speed and fitness on the bike. It's a race against the clock. Normally riders start at intervals a minute apart. You can’t draft and there are riders in front of you and behind you. Some will pass you. The events tend to be fixed distances of 10,25,50 or 100 miles and there are also 2 up’s for duos and 3 ups for trios (or 3 in a team). These are good fun as long as your teammates are around the same ability level as you . Courses are on public roads and are either'out and back', using a roundabout to turn halfway, or circuits with consecutive left turns. Normally to ride an 'open' event you need to be a member of a Cycling Time Trials (CTT)-affiliated cycling club, though some 'club' events just allow you to turn up and ride on the night.

The time trials handbook containing most of the UK’s open time trial events is published this month and if you want a road time trials event handbook click on this link. www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=-GWd4BftDVM%3d&tabid=36

The season starts traditionally in March. If you want to see what’s available click on this link. 

There are a few local races and a number in Cleveland North Yorkshire and over the Pennines around Carlisle.   SC Gothic should be affiliated by then to the CTT and if you’re thinking about riding a time trial remember to send in your completed entry form well in advance.  Remember, some events in Scotland may also be within your radar so keep an eye open for theses as well. We’ll get some links up on the side of the website soon.  

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