Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The Little Book of Pain

While many might be sitting indoors sheltering from yet another episode of gales, you could do worse than acquire this wee gem by Simon Warren. Its his book of the top one hundred greatest UK cycling climbs. Each is marked out of ten and arranged geographically
with pictures and profiles so that you can lie awake at night imagineering your way up the likes of Buttertubs ((8/10), the Cat and Fiddle (only 4/10) and the awesome Rosedale Chimney (10/10) where you can find yourself holding your handlebars and stem with the rest of the bike somewhere else altogether! With Peth Bank, Winters Gibert and Carlton Bank also featured we think you should make an early and local start to these. Its going to make a great bible for 2012 and Gothic's everywhere will without doubt be pictured on top of some of these beasts. Bet you can't guess what gets 11/10! Yes, there is one......

Monday, 5 December 2011

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


A timely reminder to catch up with the 1986 Ken Russell directed movie 'Gothic'. Who can forget Gabriel Byrne or Timonthy Spalls performance, and, of course Alec Mango as Murray and Linda Coggins as the Mechanical Turkish Woman. Wonder if she was any good with an adjustable spanner and a twisted derailleur? If you can't get hold of a dvd why not try and see the 1781 Fuseli oil painting entitled 'Nightmare' on which a scene in the film was apparently based. While we're on the subject Thomas Dolby did the Soundtrack (to the film not the painting) ...yes, he of the 'She blinded me with Science' hit starring Dr Magnus Pyke. Why not check it out.  

Sunday, 27 November 2011

National TLI Cyclo Cross Champs, Gateshead

There aren't many riders who would have helped themselves to a hot toddy the night before the big cycling event of the year. After a cuppa and a good splutter this morning I declared myself fit to race in the National Cycling Cyclo Cross and loaded up the car for the 20 minute trip to Gateshead Stadium. Although dry with a clear sky it sure was windy when we arrived and there were around 70 competitors of whom I think there were two ladies (so if you'd been there you might have won a bronze at least).
The course had been changed from that a month ago and with a huge headwind up the steep hill things were tough. Coupled with my cold, needless to say it wasn't my best performance, but now I've said it.  From the start it was head down and eyeballs out for an hour, brushing past gorse, guiding the tyres through the ruts, avoiding impaling yourself on the posts, trying not to be marker-tape whipped with odd strands blowing around furiously, pushing the bike up the hill every lap and taking the other three quarters to recover. I tried to ride with my legs out at an angle in the latter stages to relive the fatigue as the leaders came past me again. Show offs! Just wait till I've got my Gothic Jersey on - it'll be
worth a good few laps. 
I beat the winner to the finish line (so got to start my last lap) and so rode the lap casually knowing I'd only been lapped twice (or was that thrice). Another event successfully completed although I had to stop on the penultimate lap to sort out my gears.
I had arranged to sell my old 653 Joe Waugh frame to a bloke there so left with a little less metal and a few more quid in my pocket. Sorry to see it go but hey life goes on. The course wasn't too boggy so I retired to the pub for a pint with the team photographer rather than spray the bike down. More civilised I think you'll agree. I doubt I'll win a medal but I think it's complementing my running fitness so all good stuff ...

Friday, 25 November 2011

SC Gothic New Sportswear

Those lads at Velotec have crafted something dramatic and mysterious and we like this a lot. Here's the club livery (well at least the draft design). If you're interested in getting your hands on these cool garments you'll be wanting to email me at the above address to express your interest. We're based in the north east of England but that shouldn't put you off. Once you've got your hands on this gear you'll be one of the gang wherever you are.  The order will go in soon so best not hang about....

Welcome to SC Gothic

Welcome to Sporting Club Gothic; a better class of sporting club altogether. It might be a short ride or a long journey into the future, but we hope you enjoy the trip. Whether you are a fair weather cyclist, a die hard mountain biker or grimpeur you're all welcome.
First things first. The Concept. I've been a member of a number of bike clubs in the past and enjoyed my spell at each. However while sitting over a slowly frying pan of bangers and beans in the outback in high summer near Whitby, we were bitten with the SC Gothic bug. I'm not a goth. Neither are my friends so the only explanation is that we were chosen; chosen to mount up on our sturdy steeds on two wheels, don our battle armour (most likely coolmax cycling jerseys and lycra shorts with the eye catching design) and take to the highways and byways.
This blog will be the vehicle of communication and hopefully we'll soon have all those trappings of the modern age such as reports and updates, a link to facebook and other such devices to make sure our club members and those less fortunate know what's happening in the temple of SC Gothic.
...What nonsense! but it sounded good for a bit..