Friday, 27 April 2012

This weeks spectacle

Want to pick up a race while your out and about?....The 55 mile Ballantyne Memorial Trophy Road Race should go ahead on Sunday and will start at Mitford Cricket Club at 10.30am. Riders plan to go west on the B6343 to Dyke Neuk.
The 55-mile route will also go via Hartburn, Scots Gap, Cambo, Harwood Gate, Elsdon,  Bilsmoor, Hepple, Sharperton and Holystone and back. More than 50 riders have already signed up for the race and others can do so on the day.  Parking restrictions apply at Mitford.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Goth Action

SC Gothic riders were in action again this weekend. There's no stopping them. Les C rode in the Wansbeck CC 21 Hilly time trial where he finished in a solid time of 1:1:08 in pretty changeable and, frequently, cold, wet and grizzly conditions. Jon Sturman won in 46:38 and seven seconds ahead of team mate Tuckett. (Some photos found at but the camera man arrived too late to get time.
Further afield Lorna Mac (pictured) rode her first 10m T.T. in Cambridge in the British Universities Champs. She clocked 34 minutes and despite the weather said she enjoyed it. 

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Wash Day Blues

 Bah. What duff weather. Why not take advantage of the breaks in the rain: throw your Gothic Jersey on, mount that 14 gear racing machine and go for a paddle.  There's the Wansbeck M21 time trial on this afternoon. It goes from Belsay via Bolam Lake, Scots Gap, Rothley, Cambo and back to Belsay. Kicks off 2pm.
Gosforth RC run the Sloan Trophy Road Race on the Stamfordham Circuit on Sunday. A merry four lapper on the same circuit used for the 2011 National Championship. Starts 10:30am. Nip along and give some support.
If your not quite right or need a little beauty treatment, consult our newest member Suzanne (Details on facebook).

Monday, 16 April 2012

Big Hello

...and its a big HELLO to new members Ian S, Rosie and Les G. Looking forward to 'hooking up' I think is the modern parlance!
-Email details and mobile phone numbers are on the way so that we can all catch up with each other.

Ryton Tri. 2up Time Trial

Gordon D and Allymac took part in the Ryton 2up 18 mile time trial on Saturday. The course goes from Ponteland up to Gubeon across the Whalton and Belsay and back down to Ponteland. Around 40 teams were booked in to race with former British road race champion and ex pro John Tanner and his teammate Colin Humphrey (Sportscover Altura RT)  the scratchmen (fastest and off last). The lads acquitted themselves well, staying upright throughout and not finishing last, crossing the line in 29th place in a time of 51:15. The fastest time was 38:43 so room perhaps for improvement!
(Photo by Stuart B ©)

Saturday, 14 April 2012

How to ride fast on your own

A compact guide to triathlon's trial by bike  -
Nice article and interview with Michael Hutchinson, super time triallist on the BBC sport site. The letters following the article are just as entertaining (well, almost!): Link

Thursday, 12 April 2012

The rise and rise of the Goth

New Members
The old order of Gothic welcome new members Gavin D, Julie P and Willie C.
We've had wall to wall rain in the last week but its Spring out there so might be seeing you on the roads and trails.
The stock of Jerseys has now pretty much been exhausted so we'll have to get some more ordered for those who are beginning to see the light out there in bike land.
Allymac and Gordon D. are threatening to take the time trial world by storm this weekend on the roads of Ponteland and Whalton in the Ryton Tri 2-up time trial. Why not pop out this Saturday afternoon to feast your eyes on the spectacle. Don't forget your klaxons and cow bells...
Meetings etc.
We may be getting an informal get together later this month so keep watching this space.
There will be an email coming round shortly with some safety information. There could also be an invitation to stump up for the next part of your cycling gear, maybe shorts.
In the meantime, if you are up to something interesting or want to report on a recent ride, event or have some news or perhaps share a nice recipe or knitting pattern, drop me a line
Happy riding and remember....Keep it dark!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Club Clothing & Jerseys

We have a limited number of jerseys left from this current batch. We're as happy as a bat in the dark about the interest since the launch - just to say its 'first come, first served'. Once we're out of stock, more will be ordered but there might be a delay (as its a 10 jersey minimum). ....and sorry kids, not quite ready for the junior goths (yet).

Shorts coming get your orders in for these little beauties as well.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Cycling Time Trials Affiliation

Confirmation (as per Stuart comment in the last entry) that we've been accepted to the North East England District. Email from Peter McGrath Below:
Hello Phil/Alastair,

'I have contacted as many members of the NE District Committee as possible.... There is a significant majority in favour of accepting both EMC and Sporting Club Gothic into membership of the North East District of CTT.  I am emailing you to let you know that it is OK for members of both clubs to enter and ride in our events in future'.

Best Regards,

- Welcome also to the Early Morning Crew (EMC); not to be confused with BMC. Link is at
Their jerseys are swell but not quite as Dark as the Gothic.