Thursday, 1 September 2016

Blaydon Mountain TT

Al MacDonald, overlooked this year for Rio, was Gothics only entrant at this years inaugural event. He defied the conditions at the recent Elsdon 8m hilly time trial organised by Blaydon Cycling Club. He finished in 38th Place in a field of 50 on the day. Fighting through rain, hail, sheep and a headwind, conditions of the like only seen previously in black and white film about Grace Darling in a howling storm, there were plenty of non starters from the start sheet (he beat all of them as well). His time, a little over 34 minutes was applauded by the two folk who were seen on the Gibbet. Crowd Control was not necessary. One spectator said 'not why it took him so long. He certainly looked good in that Gothic Jersey; maybe because he's ancient'. With the Hill Climb season upon us, we look forward to hearing about the further low gear grinding adventures.