Monday, 25 August 2014

End of Season 10 mile time trials

If anyone wants to ride the last two 10 mile time trials this year around these here parts, click on the cycling time trials site - you've just got time:
-6th Sept -2pm -Tyne and Wear Fire Brigade 10 (course Bassington -Plessey Checks)
-14th Sept -8am - Cleveland Wheelers 10 (course Stokesley)
Remember, you have to be a paid up member of a registered cycling club to enter.

(If you're really wanting pain, that's the website to enter local hill climbs - a short race straight up a local hill !)

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Last days of Summer

A great turnout of bikkies on Saturday morning for the Gothic gallivant through the leafy lanes of Northumberland. Around 45 easy mile covered including a slice of cake at Capheaton village hall.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Cyclo Cross - go on, you might as well.

With the start of the cyclo-cross season soon to be upon us, why not have a go at this autumn and winter sport. Its great fun. There are two leagues in the north east to choose from. - and
You don't need to ride all the events - simply turn up in good time with an old mountain bike or racer with knobbly tyres and don't wear white!  Circuits are usually around a park or woodland and you won't get lost or dropped - although you might get lapped; but there's no shame in that as by then, no one really knows who the leaders are! For more info:
The two local websites are and  See you there.